Aluminium is the stylish new way to accessorize your home. The aluminium doors and panels are lightweight and quite sturdy. The fabrication is easy and energy efficient, which adds to its popularity among the architects and builders. The aluminium material is quite flexible, and can be bent to desirable shapes efficiently, without compromising on the design, while making the best use of the available space. Aluminium is the go to material to modernize your home.

  • Aluminium partitionAluminium partition is a cheap but effective way to put up barriers between cubicles in offices. These aluminium partitions are fabricated using sturdy, bent aluminium sheets, which helps retain heat within the cubicle and offer credible noise control within the cubicle.
  • Aluminium WindowAluminium windows offer viable replacements for their bulky steel and wood counterparts. The aluminium used is treated to be non-corrodible, and lasts longer, and fabrication techniques ensure they are light in weight and strong enough to handle the requirements of daily use. The aluminium windows are bent to shape to hold glass firmly within the cavities, which makes installing them a breeze.
  • Aluminium DoorsFlexibility and sturdy nature of aluminium makes it a viable choice for doors and windows. Aluminium doors are fabricated using high-grade aluminium, which are fabricated to withstand high mechanical pressures and elemental conditions. These doors successfully retain heat within the room to a large extent and make excellent choices for patio and balcony doors. The doors can sport different designs, such as sliding doors, folding doors or hinged doors, thanks to the ease of shaping of aluminium.
  • Aluminium countersAluminium display counters are cheap, sturdy and completely reliable. These counters can take on multiple designs, from tabletop counters to wall mounted ones, and the sturdy aluminium will be able to support significant amount of weight. The aluminium counters are lighter than wooden counters and make for a fine replacement. Fitting these counters with glass casings will enable you to display your goods.
  • Aluminium CabinetAluminium cabinets are immune to moisture and corrosion, which makes it suitable in kitchens and bathrooms. The aluminium can be shaped to fit any spaces, and the lightweight makes it quite portable. The post modernist design of the cabinets will give the kitchen/ bathroom a unique look. The bathroom cabinets can be fitted with durable mirrors on the back panel.
  • Aluminium FabricationAluminium fabrication techniques have improved manifold in the recent years, and have been directly responsible for an influx of various aluminium modular products recently. Aluminium fabrication helps design various aluminium artefacts such as doors, windows, cabinets etc, to client specification easily. It has also become increasingly simple to add texture to the bland aluminium artefact to enhance its visual beauty.