Glass doors add a new dimension to your living space. The right kind of doors can help retain heat inside the room, making the room energy efficient. The different types of doors can give it a new look, maintaining the aesthetic value of the room, while providing a stronger structural integrity. Frameless glass doors and glass doors with aluminium frames have their own appeal and work well in their own ways.

  • Automatic DoorsAutomatic doors, controlled by electronic signals open and close depending on the person’s proximity to the door. These doors are quite conveniently designed and do not require extra assistance to go through the doors. They are preferred door mechanisms to hotels, malls and other outlets that see high volumes of circulating population on a regular basis.
  • Slide DoorsSlide doors are space efficient and quite handy as well. The slide doors are usually automated, and operate on the presence of people nearby. Slide doors can take on various designs, such as linear, telescopic, curved or angular. These doors function on one plane, and reduce the risk of any unintentional injury.
  • Frameless DoorsFrameless glass doors are all the rage in modern interior designing. They give an illusion of open space, without the restricting frames and beadings. Clear glass is a popular choice for frameless doors, and can be decorated with various designs or selective frosting depending on the design requirements.
  • Folding DoorsFolding doors are excellent choices to lead to the patio, terrace or balconies and such. The glass doors can either have a sturdy aluminium frame, which enhances the structural integrity and the aesthetic appeal of the doors, or be frameless, depending on the client requirement. The doors, folded to a side can provide uninterrupted passage through the open space, and the closed doors can create a comforting barrier between the interior and the exterior elements.
  • Swing DoorsThe classic swing door design still manages to have a compelling appeal over the general population, thanks to the easy installation and maintenance properties. The swing doors offer significant flexibility and security and cover a wide variety of application. The swing doors have a clever electronic mechanism, which controls the inswing and outswing, thus retaining heat and warmth within the room.